Friday, October 24, 2014

The most common mistakes when washing the face

It might seem that washing the face skin rather least a complicated element of daily care. However, in doing so, most of us make mistakes that can result in skin irritation, drying or severity of breakouts.

Inadequate water temperature

Too warm or too cold water can cause excessive production of sebum in the case of combination skin and oily skin. This can result in the appearance on the skin surface of a large amount of breakouts. Wash your face with lukewarm water.

The remains of cosmetics on the skin

How many times have washed your face with water to get rid of the gel wash? If your answer is "time", then you need to change it. Unfortunately, this is not enough to completely get rid of the ingredients of washing the surface of the skin. This in turn can lead to drying and irritation of the skin. Therefore, after washing your face, rinse thoroughly with water at least 3 times.

Too frequent washing face

If you have oily skin, you probably suffer its tendency to over-greasing. This is the result of overproduction of sebum skin. Skin instantly becomes shiny, and on its surface are visible numerous pimples. Perhaps you think that frequent face washing will reduce the secretion of sebum. Unfortunately, in this way you act on the contrary - oily skin may become even more worse. Limit therefore this step up to 1-2 times a day.

Too much friction towel

Immediately after washing your face dry it with a towel, pressing it gently into the skin. Avoid friction face, because in this way can lead to skin irritation.

Not applying moisturizer

This tip is especially important in winter. Women with dry skin should pay more attention than women with oily skin. While it is important to choose the right product to wash your face. It is much more important to ensure proper moisturizing face cream to keep face, soft and hydrated all day.

Did you ever make any of these mistakes? If so, eliminate them and your skin on your face definitely will benefit.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Natural Ways For Beautiful Hair

Natural Ways For Beautiful Hair
Nowadays there is no shortage in the shops, great hair conditioners. But the best ones, unfortunately, a lot of cost. Do you feel that your hair requires care? Lost their brilliance? Began to fall, and can electrify it? Would you like to NATURALLY renew them and add them to life, without spending a mountain of money and not wasting time looking for sensational hairdresser? Read the following ways, known and used for centuries in the shelter home.

GARLIC help you fight dandruff, prepare liquid mixing two cloves with a glass of water. Once a week, rinse the hair. Do not worry about the smell, after washing and drying - there will be no sign of him.

If your problem is MATT AND DEPRIVED OF LIFE hair, do a rinse with vinegar and lemon, which gives them glow. Vinegar is used for centuries for hair. And well. Just do not get carried away with it, because in large amounts can harm us. Rinse with half a liter of boiled, hot water, juice of half a lemon and 1 tbsp vinegar will not hurt and will probably help! Use it once a week.

Underage pregnant

underage pregnant

More often today we hear about pregnant teenagers. This phenomenon is associated with a continuous progressive development of civilization and therefore - loosening morals.
Many teenagers already at the high school has had a sexual initiation. They do not think about security because they do not believe that the "first time" you can get pregnant. Unfortunately, according to statistics, many schools meets the pregnant teens who hiding pregnancy "as long as possible."

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beet And Carrot Juice

Beet And Carrot JuiceSomething that will give us energy for the morning

This drink is very healthy! Beets and carrots with a hint of garlic and lemon is a vitamin bomb and refreshing!

Serves: 2

     1 cup of beet juice
     1/2 cup carrot juice
     1 clove garlic, pressed the smashed
     1 teaspoon chopped parsley
        pinch of salt
     2 tablespoons lemon juice
     2 ice cubes

Preparation: 10 min. > Ready in: 10 minutes.

In the juicer prepare beet juice and carrots. To the juice add minced garlic with salt, add lemon juice and mix thoroughly.
Pour the drink into glasses, add ice and parsley

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Diet - first trimester

Which woman does not worry about her figure? Some are trying to appropriate diet to lose unwanted pounds, the second shall ensure adequate nutrition to keep the silhouette teenagers, and there are those that did not care about what have on the plate. But for every woman's pregnancy is a turning point - we need to take care of yourself and the baby. Diet for the first trimester of pregnancy should provide adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals that are needed for the child.

1 Nutrition in pregnancy

The first month of pregnancy usually goes unnoticed, even by those women who consciously decide on it - until menstruation, or rather its lack of motivates to reach for pregnancy tests. It happens that women are unaware of their condition even to the half of the third or fourth month of pregnancy. It is, unfortunately, a dangerous situation as it does formative fetus appropriate essential nutrients and vitamins, particularly from the group B.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Drink with pepper

 Drink with pepper, which cleanses the body and turns up the fat burning

Drink with pepper
  one glass of water
  juice of one lemon
  one teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  a little bit of maple syrup

  Mix all ingredients together and drink every morning.

The combination of the sour taste of citrus, sweet syrup and oriental spices is not only healthy but also very tasty.

Feeling great during pregnancy

Some say pregnant women glow and shine fullness of life. But really, most women during pregnancy feels insecure. When she catches 20, 30 or 40 pounds is not easy to still feel sexy and beautiful with the extra weight. Here are some tips which will help you in maintaining the beauty and brilliance the whole period of pregnancy.

Stop thinking already about their clothes from before pregnancy. Your changing shape is a sign that your child is developing. Of course, this is not a reason for who would you feel embarrassed and like to hide it. You have to buy different clothes when you go to the store with clothes for pregnant women. You do not need to buy only huge but also such that are good for you now. Pregnancy is a good time to change the style and the introduction of something new. Being pregnant, you can also feel great while shopping clothes. Have fun Selecting a diverse mix of clothes. If you cannot afford yourself to buy new clothes do not hesitate to ask friends, whose style of dress you like, if you can borrow .Have fun mixed and matching and trying on things that are new to you.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Can you have sex during pregnancy?

sex during pregnancy

       Can you have sex during pregnancy?

During pregnancy sex is not contraindicated. Of course, this is a pregnancy that develops properly. Pregnant who do not have bleeding events and whose sex does not cause any problems, eg. Spotting can enjoy the sex.

The situation, however, in which sex causes bleeding, pelvic pain, uterine contractions, you should refrain from sexual intercourse.

Tanning during pregnancy

Most tanning products are safe for pregnant women. However, one should be careful in the use of tanning spray
Artificial tanning is becoming more popular due to its harmful tanning in the sun or in a solarium. Are available sprays, foams, creams and tanning wipes. In the salon you can darken the skin of the whole body with a special spray.

The main component of an artificial tan is non-toxic and affects only the dead tissue of the outer part of the skin. After using the tanning agent chemical reaction, and the skin changes the tint slightly brown. Artificial tan, which is formed by rubbing tanning agent, does not cause changes in the deeper parts of the skin, and substances in the creams or foams are not absorbed by the body.

However, in the case of an aerosol of the substance is absorbed and may have some effect on the fetus. There are no studies that would state such a relationship, although it is worth at the time of pregnancy to reduce the use of tanning, which is rubbed into the skin.

Pregnant women should also keep in mind that during pregnancy their skin is more sensitive, and the risk of an allergic reaction to tanning formulation increases.
Tanning pills should not be used and certainly not by pregnant women. They contain large quantities of beta-carotene or canthaxanthin, Which are commonly used as food colorings and can be toxic for unborn baby.
This does not mean that women during pregnancy must completely give up the tanning but should do so a very reasonable.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Varnish and nail polish remover and pregnancy

Varnish and nail

Painting nails and wash from time to time is not harmful for pregnant women, but the chemicals in nail varnish can be harmful if pregnant has contact with them without interruption. The two most often used in paints substances is formaldehyde and toluene.

Formaldehyde is used as a hardening substance in the coating. Inhaling it can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Prolonged contact with formaldehyde increases the risk of cancer, but the chances of that harm the fetus are negligible, because formaldehyde breaks down rapidly in the body.